Thursday, November 13, 2008


I was going to post this on the regular blog but seeing as how Lisa just put up a cool post about a great meal we had the other night I would hate to obscure that by more adorable things that Ellison did. Any way Ellison hasn't been feeling the best lately and didn't feel great this morning. She was all snotty and boogery. During the night she had wiped it all over her face. Nose, cheek, chin, everywhere. She had a bloody boogery, runny nose when she woke up as well. The unsightly green spots all over her face were hardened on like super glue attached green stickers. Ellison would not allow the scraping of such trophies. Even worse yet some how during the night she managed to get one on my thigh. Encrusted into my leg hair and gruesomely large and crusty.
Because of this I decided to stay home from school to watch Ellison. The morning was okay and after Ellison got a nice warm bath we dressed her warm and hip for the day.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

McCain Obama War Future America

The following is a developing Fictional story about the future of America following the aftermath of the upcoming 2008 Presidential Election. Those that find this and want developing outlooks on this future of this Great nation of the USA please leave your comments. Thanks

When a prospective employer asks “What is your five year plan?” most people think family, house, cars, the American dream. No one could have fathomed that not even 2 years would have allowed this dream possible.
September 2008 the year of the “Rescue” was the turning point. Sure things had been happening for quite some time but it was the catalyst. November of that year was the clincher. America changed, the world changed. With the Rescue came the downfall. In the election the out come was a disaster. Political wrangling, voting fraud, assassinations, it all came head on. It was suppose to be the election of change. It was.
Within 6 months of the “Rescue” cash and inflation were rampant. People couldn’t get food unless they sold their first born. With the food shortages and the election process disaster people went crazy. People thought Katrina was bad that couldn’t even be considered a teaser. Wide spread looting, shooting, debauchery and basically all hell broke lose throughout the country. The major cities got it the worst. When the election debacle cooled down and assassinations of major government officials stopped, it brought on a new Civil War in the jockeying of political control. Two main groups formed Govermentists or Freedomists. No longer were there the blurred lines of Republicans and Democrats and political correctness. The Governmentists unfortunately had the resources and control of major military power. Tanks, planes, bombs, all were used to try and quash the Freedomists.
The rest of the world was having its own problems. With the crash of the American economy other world powers economies crashed as well. Riots, terrorism, and world wide assassinations were rampant. China had internal problems, Russia invaded many of their old soviet satellites. Some areas seemed more stable. However, with such widespread calamities those in control came to only one conclusion nuclear and biological aggression. Not on other countries mind you but, there own. People amassed around large city centers that had the most food and resources. These city centers also attracted large opposition forces for Freedomists. Those in control of the large city centers had no concern of taking out large amounts of opposition forces and panicked bystanders. The bodies piled up out of control and reminiscent of Nazi body disposal. Bodies were ground up and spread onto the death fields destroying the land.
With all the turmoil the governmentists began ultimate control. Mostly in the new redefined major cities like D.C. and New York. Walls were built and the government kept care of its own. In these bastions of control people are monitored as to meals, bedtime, work, compensation etc. Sure it has hints of what civilization used to be but is like a bad Ayn Rand dream. Infanticide and eugenics are in full force. Those that didn’t want to be controlled or were able to evade the massive collection trucks were left to fend for themselves on the outside. Freedomists fought the governmentists in guerrilla tactics others succumbed. The guerrilla tactics were mildly successful until the Governmentists were able to secure their strong holds. After that there was no real need to venture outside their bastions of rule and control.
In the initial melee of Governmentists and Freedomists the women and children were forced into the Governmentist run cities – Those that resisted once inside were liquidated and turned into mulch for the vast fields of crops to keep these megalithic cities running.
Those that don’t live in these all consuming controlling cities are doomed to wander and fend for themselves in the wastelands. Crime, piracy, murders, looting, lawlessness. Someone asks what is your five year plan now? Survival.
The sun can barely crack through the overcast sky and misty morning. Off in the distance a lone crow can be heard.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I think I am doing better with the exercise and dieting. Kam and I are still walking most nights (unless it's raining or tornatoing)! We just bought a bike trailer for Ellison yesterday, so biking will be added to our activity list. I have also tried stopping eating past 8:00 pm and am drinking more water. I have cut a lot of the sugary treats out of the diet and am trying to eat more veggies and less carbs. I have lost a pound this week (but do admit I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times too)! My pants are fitting better which is encouraging, I just wish the numbers on the scale would drop (and stay that way) more quickly! How is everyone else doing? Kipp you are my hero, I wish I could go to the gym as much as you, keep it up!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Knock on wood

I don't want to jinx myself but I think I have lost about 2 lbs this week. I have been eating less, and stop eating earlier in the evening, and Kam and I have been walking more. I am also constantly moving at work and I am sure lifting patients helps things out! The next time I go to the Vascular surgeon I am going to ask him if it's ok that I start jogging again and start doing crunches, which will hopefully help things move a little faster. Kam and I are also going to go looking for bike trailors today for the baby so we can start riding again. My new goal is to lose at least a pound a week before Ryan's wedding in May...wish me luck!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nice Weather

The weather has gotten so nice out here, Kam and I are really trying to take advantage. We have been taking Ellison on Stroller rides at night through the neighborhood, and hopefully at some point, will get a bike trailer so we can start riding our bikes again. I haven't been doing much exercising because my leg has been hurting, but at least the scale is staying the same...(always the same), and not going up. I am hoping just this little bump in activity level will help things out!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

mom's working out

Well I can't tell by the scales but I feel thinner. I have been going to the gym. They have different classes to take. The ones I do are power stretch, which is a combination of yoga and pilates what ever that is. And the other one which is fun is Zumba. Lisa knows all about that. Then today daddy and me went on about a 12 mile bike ride. It was fun but I can feel that I am going to be a little sore. So lets all keep hanging in there. If nothing else we will all be healthier. Mom

Sunday, February 17, 2008

i'm still here, just PISSED OFF!!!!

yes, well, i guess by kam saying has everyone given up, he means me (kipp).
it looks like mom is the one kicking trash! well, i haven't given up, i've actually
stepped it up; i go to the gym twice a day, i go to spin class (which i love and sweat like
a pig, it feels sssooooooo goood) i aslo am taking yoga and a free flex class that kills your [ ]!!
i'm not joking about that one. but i am PO's because i'm still hovering around 210! 210! That
can not NOT be my bodies new "comfortable" weight. i am so ticked! since new years i have
been busting BUSTING my hump over this, with noting to show! i'm really really frustrated.
on the up, no, there is no up side. well, i'm goging to keep trying. i keep up
with the biggest loser every week and i just see those lard buts losing all that fat and i go;
"Holy moley! i could be on the biggest loser! some of those tubs of lard weigh less than i do!"
it's really getting to me. that and i'm old, broke and fat! so, cheers! i'll write more.
cheers! kipp